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Letterpad Typography

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You may choose to use markdown or the inline editing toolbars for writing text. The toolbar can be found by writing a text and selecting it or by clicking the + icon on every new line.

h1 Heading 1

h2 Heading

h3 Heading

h4 Heading

h5 Heading
h6 Heading

Horizontal Rules


This is bold text

This is underlined text

This is italic text



The blockquote element is used to indicate the quotation of a large section of text from another source.


  • Create a list by starting a line with +, - or * followed by a space.
  • Sub-lists are made by tab:
    • Marker character change forces new list start:
    • Ac tristique libero volutpat at
    • Facilisis in pretium nisl aliquet
    • Nulla volutpat aliquam velit
  • Very easy!


Inline code can be written by wrapping the text inside backticks `.

You can write codeblock with syntax highlighting by two backticks.

// Some comments
var a = 1;
var b = 2;
var sum = a + b;
cosnole.log(sum); // 3


You can embed spotify, youtube and gist links by just pasting the link.

You can wrap certain text with link or just have the url which will automatically convert into a link.


Smoky morning in Cascades

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